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Jan. 17th, 2006 @ 10:24 am Origami Egregore

I was looking up a funny image to post in another thread just to be a smart ass and came across the image of an origami animal. Something sparked and now I'm inspired to write this...

In Kon's "Summoning Spirits" he talks about creating entities and I know that there are several articles in Chaos about the same thing. Has anyone tried to use this wonderful medium as a base for your creations?

While it may take some practice to get the hang of you are using paper so you can fill the thing with 'sacred images', sigils, and colors of your choice. When you are done with your creation it is easily destroyed as well...all you need is an ashtray and a lighter.

Some instructional images and links:
www.cho.co.jp/ 6-2origami.htm

You can GOOGLE images for the word ORIGAMI and get a LOT more!

below are the rest of my comments in a thread

A most excelent site of Diagrams for Origami


On a side note...any one know what the hell a "fish fold" or the "tortise technique" or even have a clue WTF "rabbit earing" is?

I run through some of the easier diagrams and well it's as if they are in greek...I swear to the gods PAPER DOES NOT FOLD like they have it doing in their PDF's unless of course they are only showing one outta three steps.

I'm on page six now...and by page six I mean I've crumpled up 5 pages for my first attempt


YAY...found the basics...

Though I'm on page 8 now

RE: Rin

My post had dual motives...one to rant & one to share that site...I'll figure it all out. 

There was a thread called "3D Sigils" that I merged into the general discussion thread that inspired me to show you some of my EARLY art.

I think I made it in the 6th or 7th grade in art class...the time is not the point, its creation is. Yeah, it's not Origami, but in a way it's related, it is after all folded (construction) paper. I wrote my name out in full, cut it out, then loosely folded/wrapped it into what you see. Granted, I did add a bit of paint & a few other extras, but the basic body (minus the tail) is nothing but C.H.R.I.S.

I figure someone could take the SoI, break it down, fold it up, and WHAM servitor housing fit for a, well....Servitor!

I have a few other pics

FRONT (different then above)



(other) Side
I hope I have inspired at least something within at least some of you...

Who said it...
alien eggman qryztufre