Pagan Crafts at their Finest

Pagan Arts & Crafts
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I have created this community to discuss the "do it yourself" aspect of all occult paths.

Discussions can include:
Tools: Tool creation to tool consecration, where to get the cheapest tools and how to set them up on your altar.
Sigils: Crafty ways to set up and charge a sigil
Crafts: Any craft-type-thing dealing with the Occult
Kids: How to get kids involved with Pagan Life through crafts
Alternatives: How to be come more natural by swapping out store bought things with homemade things
Homesteading: How to be a better pagan by living off the land
Recipes: Do it yourself pagan cooking (Brews, incense, potions, etc)
Other: Anything else... (make suggestions and I'll update this list)

This is not a spell trading community, so I'd prefer keeping that aspect out...there are other communities for trading spells and for online BOS communities.

Please note, that while I say Pagan, I mean any aspect of the occult so Wiccans, Chaotes, Ceremonialists, Satanists, Christians, or anybody else is welcome here. This is a moderated community so any paradigm bashing will be deleted and repeat offenders will be kicked out! (so keep your petty squabbles to email)


If you become an active member and would like a TAG added please let me know and I'll get it on the list.

If you would be interested in creating a banner for the community that would be GRAND ~ you'd have my many thanks.


There are a few other Spell Crafting communities, but they are either too "wiccan" or are too filled with links to Ebay (I'm making a NO SPAM policy!) but if you are interested in buying or selling items when by all means check them out! (Wiccancrafts, Wiccan_crafts, & Witchcrafts)


I'll expand all that is here at a later date - like after I figure out what all should be here ;)